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Impact of Unresolved Trauma In Past Relationships (Stop Going Back To Exes)

Unhealed trauma has the potential to 6 havoc on relationships. In fact, it's almost impossible for our present relationships to not be affected by the traumatic experiences of our past.

To make matters worse, the trauma that many people experience often happens so early in their childhood that they're completely unaware of the ways in which it is affecting them as an adult.

Many of the issues that people believe are personality traits or are the result of "lessons learned" (i.e. being suspicious, needing reassurance, attention seeking, hyper independent, etc.) are often undiagnosed symptoms of illness that have gone untreated - often for decades.

As a result, these issues show up in ways that can make it a challenge for us to love & experience others and equally difficult for them to love & experience us. They might not even understand why, and neither may you, but if you or your partner have ever experienced trauma in life that hasn't been treated, it'll forever be the elephant in your relationship

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