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Recognize Your Role, Childhood Wounds

The result of your attempt to feel loved and to please others is that you learned and adopted various personality roles in order to get the love you need. We hide ourselves in an attempt to receive love as this is such a fundamental human need. Without it we can never feel a genuine sense of fulfilment. When our needs are chronically unmet and we are not taught from our caregivers how to emotionally regulate and express our needs we begin to cope through taking on different roles and promiscuity. These roles are usually unconscious manifestations of our childhood experience.

Keeping promises to yourself, choosing your own beliefs based on what aligns with you, not managing the perception of others, placing boundaries, not feeling the need to perform or betraying yourself to have in order to receive love. Practice sitting and witnessing your emotions honour the inner child that is still desperately seeking out this need through these roles.

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