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Where Trust Issues Begin

Often this wound comes from a place of pain. If a parent was physically present but emotionally unavailable/disconnected from themselves we develop this core belief. This belief can also show up if the people in your family could not be trusted (they betrayed you, exploited your weaknesses, manipulated you, made promises they had no intention of keeping or lied to you. This response can also develop as an adult because of a unpleasant business or personal relationship experience, but the impact will be slightly different.

You may be expecting to be rejected, looking for signs someone does not want to be with you, or responding dramatically to any situations that activate that trust wound or even allow others to mistreat you because you feel it is all you deserve. Because of these fears, you may misinterpret, distort or overreact to what other people say and do. You may believe that others will never meet your needs and find it difficult for you to allow others to take care of you. When this wound does become activated you may have this deep capacity to shut down or close off as a coping mechanism to avoid pain.

Observe the thoughts you have around peoples behaviour, journal them, reflect on them, don’t judge them this creates a barrier to explore it deeper. These thoughts are giving you feedback about your past.

Work to take yourself into consideration, when we have this wound we can become so focused on figuring out somebody else that when making decisions you fully forget to tune into yourself - so we abandon ourselves on some level.

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